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“You have an innate ability to cut to the core of someone!”

- Hannah, Business Projects Manager

White Gradient

Client Testimonials

“Coaches are born, not made. Lopa was born with the gift of being able to immediately and accurately analyze someone's character, their virtues and vices. She can quickly and kindly lead her clients to enlightenment, healing and victory. Lopa has been my advisor, coach and spiritual guide for over 20 years. Her discerning mind in combination with overwhelming compassion and natural talent in communicating via the spoken and written word make her an invaluable member of my organization. As a holistic doctor, single mother and motivational speaker with an international clientele, I know the importance of putting on one's oxygen mask first. Lopa is as important to my success and personal fulfillment as oxygen.”

– Molly, Holistic Doctor

"THANK YOU for your help! I am so excited to let you know that I landed my first role in tech. The conversation we had was really helpful to make me focused and excited about making this huge change. I am so excited for all the ways I am going to grow and NOT BE STRESSED ABOUT MONEY ANYMORE! I want to thank you for sharing your valuable time with me to support me as I started this journey."

– Meg, Customer Success Associate

“Lopa is a gifted and talented life coach. If this pandemic has you re-evaluating your life I would highly recommend Lopa to support you through any barriers to achieve your goals, personal or career. Lopa has transformed my life.”

– Monika, Strategic Manager

Lopa's coaching really helped me to find my voice. After each session I felt braver and more confident in saying what I had either struggled to articulate or hadn't felt I had permission to say. It gave me control over my own presence, and a great sense of perspective.”

– Charlotte, Deputy Head of Learning

The sessions with Lopa were extremely valuable. She kept me focused on my goals and vision, listening with interest and ensuring validation of these. She guided me through all the necessary steps and considerations required to set up ones’ own business. She’s truly motivating and passionate about helping others realize their dreams and goals!”

– Betty, Entrepreneur

I loved working with Lopa, she’s empathetic, approachable and very perceptive. I’ve felt comfortable to share my inner most thoughts with her and feel in a ‘safe space’ to be able to do this, knowing it will be kept confidential. Lopa helped me find constructive solutions and help channel priorities in my life that will be fundamental to my overall happiness.”

– Sarah, Sports Journalist (Reporter & Producer)

Lopa’s technique, manner and style as a coach is very human, real and authentic. Lopa listens, champions me and genuinely cares about driving towards a positive outcome. Lopa is generous, kind, rare, real, and has an innate ability to cut to the core of a person. The sessions always feel shared as Lopa gives personal examples when applicable and relevant – this has allowed me to open up and makes me feel less alone.”

– Hannah, Business Projects Manager

“‘I had never had any mentoring before Lopa, and she was such an inspiration and incredible motivator. She really helped me to clarify my goals, understand what I was doing, and was a great listener and incredibly intuitive. I now feel so much more empowered and confident in my job and would recommend Lopa to anyone!’”

– Maryam, Skills Trainer

"Lopa is easy to talk to and relatable. Sometimes I have begun sessions feeling down about life. Remarkably, talking to her always uplifts me and shifts me into a more optimistic state. By talking through issues that initially felt daunting and confusing, the sessions helped ground me and they helped me come up with strategies on how I could move forward.”

– Claudia, Entrepreneur

I wanted to thank you very much for the coaching sessions we have had together. The sessions have been very helpful to understand patterns and connections I was unconscious of and they’ve also helped me boost my confidence a lot and empowered me to make decisions.”

– Laurie, Open Programmes Manager

“My coaching session with you was so powerful that I am able to see something new - optimism, re-birth, transformation! You allowed me to feel that by tuning into me - wow amazing. Your energy and intuition is powerful.”

– Satbinder, Senior Projects Manager

“Lopa is a brilliant mentor and has really helped me develop more resilience and positivity in relation to my role at Guildhall, particularly around negotiating and building productive relationships in such a complex organisation. I’m really excited to continue my coaching and think it will definitely help me to think more strategically about my career and how I want to progress in the future.”

– Jo, Creative Partnerships and Programme Manager

"Lopa is skilled in the art of facilitating insights and encouraging you to “have a conversation with yourself” out of which you get the right answers.”

– Sarah, Former Ambassador

“The session exceeded my expectations. Lopa created a safe and friendly environment and helped me to understand my current situation. I came away feeling a lot clearer about my priorities and how to move forward in my career.”

– Elspeth, Higher Education and Events Coordinator

"Coaching with Lopa was like having a long overdue catch up with a good friend. Her friendly and personal approach led me to get the most out of our sessions and I felt empowered by her to make real changes in my life.”

– Martha, Arts Professional

Lopa is brilliant and ‘no sh*t Sherlock’ when it comes to clarifying my thoughts.”

– Deborah, Head of Building Operations

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