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"I came away feeling a lot clearer about my priorities and how to move forward in my career.” 

– Elspeth, Higher Education and Events Coordinator


Own your future.

“A session with Lopa always leaves me feeling clearer about next steps. She has a wonderful way of clarifying thought and translating it into positive action. We discuss things freely and openly and I leave feeling assured and confident about the next steps I want to take."

– Lotte, Director of Theatre


Give voice to your dreams. Seize your power and create your most joyful life.

Our world constantly displays the best of everyone’s lives. This endless comparison often leaves us feeling frustrated, stuck and unworthy.

My mission is to empower individuals to live their happiest lives.
Imagine the freedom that comes with clarity of thought.

Coaching is a confidential space where we improve all areas of your life. We will identify obstacles which are trapping you. We will organize your thoughts and balance the pull of your brain versus your emotions. I will help you focus your goals.


We will look at your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself. We will break through unhelpful patterns. My coaching clients get practical approaches to tackle change. We take steps to build a life you are excited about.

Find your voice. Communicate clearly and be heard. Eliminate self-doubt and increase your confidence.

I will help you gain clarity, create an action plan and confidently overcome obstacles. I will keep you motivated and support your goals.
You have the power to live your best life. You have the courage to take that leap. Let’s build that story.



Be a visionary.

"Just a quick note to say once again how helpful our sessions have been. I’ve found the coaching massively helpful in developing a management style, dealing with conflict and engendering teamwork in the department. It’s definitely added to the sense of collaboration throughout the team, and I have seen a pickup in productivity because of it! Thanks so much for your brilliant direction!”

– David, Access Manager


Organizations want leaders who are engaging, influencing and thought-provoking. Leaders who are decisive and empathetic.


Coaching explores your management style and uses your strengths to reach your career aspirations. We identify skills gaps with a plan to support you in developing these areas to guarantee your success.


My mission is to empower Executives to have long and satisfying careers which fulfill their personal and financial goals.

We will discuss your career goals and behavioural style. This includes identifying obstacles and forming an action plan to guide you in making confident decisions.

Coaching is a confidential space to discuss career transitions including seeking new opportunities, changing industries, returning to work, re-locating, and retirement.

Coaching addresses leadership challenges including organizational change, team dynamics and underperformance. We will address engaging your team members, empowering them to make decisions and supporting their career aspirations.

We discuss how to approach difficult conversations and sensitive topics including racism, mental health and job security.

My mission is to empower leaders and business owners to lead their teams with confidence and clarity.

A confident and clear minded leader allows others on their teams to be the same. Let's maximize your leadership and career potential.


One 60 minute session       $170
Three 60 minute sessions   $485
Six 60 minute sessions        $920

One 90 minute session       $255

Three 90 minute sessions   $725

Six 90 minute sessions       $1375

12-month packages available

Having worked with clients for over a decade, Lopa has found clients experience significant results after six sessions.

Diversity & Inclusion

Lopa completed Utopia's Inclusion Makers change-maker program. The Utopia Inclusion Makers program is a community of professionals whose role is to accelerate inclusion and diversity within business. Lopa trains leaders on how to have diversity and anti-racism conversations with their teams and organizations. She is a member of various steering groups supporting increasing the diversity of young people in education and careers in the creative industries. She has written curriculum's for post-secondary education and used to be a College Professor of Culture & World Trends.

Young People

Lopa is DBS checked. She works with young people and specialises in supporting them to identify their career aspirations. 

Sunset City Skyline

Lopa is a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and subscribes to EMCC’s Code of Ethics. She holds an Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching & Mentoring with an European Individual Accreditation (EIA) award. Both her certificates are from a university led program awarded the European Quality Award conferred by the EMCC.

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