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Solar Eclipse

"Our sessions have helped me feel a lightness and clarity that I haven’t felt in many years.
Thank you for providing an open and non-judgemental space to explore my unspoken thoughts."

- Melissa, IT Project Manager

Intuitive Counseling

Break through emotional blockages.
Live with freedom and joy. 

"Lopa has incredible intuition and skills to bring out the best in you!

She has helped me develop and understand my strengths in areas in life where I need to focus.

Her guidance is very unique, as she has amazing knowledge, expertise and emotional intelligence

to help you find your goals and direction in life. I love her enthusiasm, warmth and positive energy which is infectious.

She definitely has unique qualities which I recommend to everyone!"


- Rosie, Principal Policy Manager 

Intuitive Counseling is recognizing that we are more than our physical selves. Our thoughts do not come only from our experiences in the material world but we bring other realms into our physical existence. Connecting with these realms allows us to live the mind-body-spirit experience we are meant to. By not embracing this non-physical side – we live a black and white reality. Through the skills in Intuitive Counseling we add the colour and nuances back into our human experience.

Through Intuitive Counseling you learn to open yourself up the inner voice that speaks to you. It is placing trust that there is something other than what we can see with our eyes out there playing with us. Leading us. Guiding us. Loving us. Creating with us. Helping us. We are not alone. But we have to be open to that union.

As a healer I tap into these worlds and help my clients overcome their pain. I help them see a new way of living so they can live joyful lives. It helps me open them up to their own intuitive nature. I give them the safe space to speak about their own intuitive thoughts and explore what is true for them and what they need to be their happiest.

By opening up and embracing my own intuition I allow for my clients to feel safe to do the same. And when we bring those together in a session we can transform the client’s life in a most joyful and empowered manner. I love seeing my clients start to embrace life and get excited about what is to come. To provide a vessel for them to make that journey is such an honour and such a thrill. 

"Lopa reminded me of my true aspirations and brought back into focus who I am.

It was great to learn how I could build myself up again and to learn how I could

start setting my boundaries and honouring my space in the world."


- Claudia, Arts Worker & Small Business Owner 

In an Intuitive Counseling session we will unearth your emotional blockages. We will uncover what thoughts and messages are keeping you from thriving. We will use the tools of meditation, divination and channeling to break free from what is holding you back from being free to live your most joyful life. We will gently visit where you are carrying pain or frustration and release these emotions to allow you to move forward. This journey to self-acceptance can include visualization, meditation, manifestation skills, divination and channeling. This is a very powerful experience as it brings together the spiritual and physical realms. 

  • Uncover and break through unhealthy beliefs and thought patterns

  • Break down self-imposed boundaries

  • Forgive the people in your past who hurt you

  • Unblock your mind and allow your energy to flow

  • Discover what you need to walk forward in joy


Lopa is certified in Intuitive Counseling from the University of Metaphysical Sciences located in California, USA.


One 60 minute session       $170
Three 60 minute sessions   $485
Six 60 minute sessions        $920

One 90 minute session       $255

Three 90 minute sessions   $725

Six 90 minute sessions       $1375

12-month packages available

Having worked with clients for over a decade, Lopa has found clients experience significant results after six sessions.

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